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Name£º Smart Plug
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  Smart Power Plug(1  AC outputs+2 USB outputs)

Works with Alexa, google home, IFTTT


1. Supports the measurement of current, voltage and power£¬Overload protection ¡£

2.With customized 1 group standard socke and 2 USB outlets.

3. USB output: 5V-2.1A(Max) , 2.1A/all 2 outlets

4. Support APP control output/timing/countdown,etc.

5. 1 channels AC power supply and 2 channel x 2.1A USB port, turn on/off AC channel and USB channel  at the same time controlled by APP, Amazon Alexa and google home.

6. Timing on APP, AC channel and USB channel can be controlled timing on APP  at the same time.
Working voltage: AC 110V~240V
Current: 15A Max£¨AC 125V£© 10A Max£¨AC 277V£© 
Power: 1875w
Working frequency: 50Hz-60Hz                                                                                                                                
WIFI: 2.4G  802.11 b/g/n
Product dimension: L108*W51*H73mm
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